Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Games on Linux

Gaming on Linux Computers

At nearly every Linux conference for the last decade there has been at least one presentation about the state of games on Linux. Best description: uphill battle.

But, this is a world full of coders, designers, and writers who don't give up easily. We are finally turning a corner.

ZaReason is turning that corner along with you. We recently launched a GamerBox. With its lights going, it's a machine-to-behold. Currently, our team members are using it for their personal use which is the ultimate test of a machine.

Our build team is comprised of almost 100% gamers. It was inevitable that we go this direction.

To transition, ZaReason recently moved to a small town in Michigan where we purchased an office building. We remodeled the interior before moving in (pictures soon) and are running ZaReason (ecommerce only) out of the back of the building. The front of the building will be remodeled in early spring and then we'll be opening a game store -- D&D, MTG, Pokemon, board games, the works.

There is something about playing games that is fun, intellectual and deeply primal. Pitting ourselves against each other helps us explore each other's problem-solving strategies and shows us the other person's boundaries. Playing cooperatively or on the same team helps us build a sense of belonging.

The game store doesn't have a name yet and is still in that ethereal state of early creation but things are moving forward and we wanted you to know where we're headed. ZaReason is focused on gaming machines and we're thrilled to have the support of the community nudging us along.